Get a top quality electric commercial dishwasher from Handy Import at an unbeatable price and join thousands & thousands of smart and successful businessmen and businesswomen who easily achieve their ultimate goals by sourcing their heavy duty equipment cheaper from Handy Imports. Handy Imports presents a large variety of Heavy Duty Commercial Dishwashers in new branded styles.  Commercial dishwashers are available in different brands, sizes and styles bearing distinct features and outlooks that make them an inevitable component of your domestic, commercial or industrial kitchen. Electric Commercial Dish Washers are available in sleek designs, having huge interior space to wash more kitchen glass wares and dishes in one wash. Commercial dishwashers are designed in such a way to wash the glass wares without any loss or breakage and at the lowest ongoing electricity and water cost.

Energy Efficient And Water Efficient Heavy Duty Dishwashers

A distinct feature of the Handy commercial dishwasher is that they are economical in cost and are available with one year guarantee. Commercial dishwashers are energy efficient and water efficient heavy duty dishwashers. The classy dishwasher is designed in a way that it can wash more than 400 glass dishes per hour.  The dishwasher is designed to wash a large variety of glass wares like dishes, trays and vine glasses without any threat of breakage or loss.

Safe to Use Dishwasher:

The commercial dishwasher is easy to operate and safe to use dishwashing device. It is equipped with non-slip able four feet that make it ideal to be placed anywhere around your kitchen. The dishwasher is made up of high-quality stainless steel body that makes it safe to use. Handy’s commercial heavy duty dishwasher have large space for cleaning and washing more glass dishes and kitchenware in single attempt.

Washing Specifications:

Cleaning of greasy pots always remains a concern in domestic and commercial kitchens. Now, no worries,with Handy Import’s unique variety of commercial glass dishwashers. Kitchenware can be hot washed in the handy commercial dishwasher with the help of its hot washing and rinsing specifications with more ease and convenience. Just place your greasy dishes and glass kitchenware into the dishwasher and set it for a wash.  All will be done with without any hustle in no time. Commercial dishwashers are easy to wash after use.

Handy Import’s Electric Commercial Dishwasher is no doubt ideal for restaurants, Cafes, commercial kitchens, food factories, production, pharmaceutical preparation, sport clubs and takeaways.  Weather it is an underbench (under sink), pass through or a conveyor dishwasher, you won’t find such a spacious and beneficial commercial dishwasher at such economical price anywhere. So, take no time.  Just visit our website and order your required designed electric commercial dishwasher now.


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